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Saturday, October 25, 2008

November's book of the month

"A Child's Book Of Character Building"

By: Ron and Rebekah Coriell

This is such a powerful book to teach young children about character traits such as Attentiveness, faith, creativity, diligence, patience, contentment, obedience, wisdom, tenderheartedness, thankfulness, honesty, and joyfulness.

Each character trait has 4 stories to illustrate it. One story each for: the bible, home, school, and play. The stories are very easy to understand and they would complement your bible study nicely.

My children are 7 & 9 and this is the one book that they beg me to read. After you finish this book, there are more volumes to follow up with. This is a must have!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October's book of the month

"Day by Day Devotions"

By Karyn Henely

This little devotional is Perfect for young children. I have bought a few in the past only to find out they were a little over my kids heads. This devotional only takes 5 minutes, so you can use it even if you are pressed for time. It has a weekly theme for all five days of the week. Some of them include: God is always in control; we were made for God; God is trustworthy. My kids absolutely love this book. It is even easy enough for older kids to read aloud. My 9 yr. old begs to read it every morning
to me and her younger brother.

All around this is a great devotional and I highly recommend it!