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Sunday, November 30, 2008

December's Book Of the Month

Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrim

By Clyde Robert Bulla

This book is for grades 2-3 and up if the child is reading it alone. If used as a read aloud it is for all ages.

Delve into the life and times of Squanto and the new American Settlers with this wonderful story book. My daughter loved reading this book. I read it as a read aloud to her and her brother and she would reread each chapter again before going to bed at night. This story is captivating and very easy to understand. Perfect to use while doing an American History unit study or to read around Thanksgiving time. This is a living book that will make Squanto and his times truly come alive for your children. I promise that You will fall in love with this book.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Notebooking Pages and More! On sale now for only $1.40

I created these pages for my children to use over the Christmas holiday this year. We have already printed out our Christmas Journal and put it into a notebook. My kids are very excited about it.

This set of pages includes:
  • 14 Notebooking Pages (regular and primary lines)
  • 3 styles of copywork pages for poetry
  • 16 copywork pages with christmas scripture printed at the top (regular and primary lines)
  • 25 page Christmas Journal
  • 3 Christmas cards to make
  • "What I am thankful for paper chain craft
  • Suggest study plans for using these pages
  • Internet links to enhance your study
  • 117 pages in total

I am so excited to be able to offer these pages to everyone for just $1.40!

They were originally priced at $7, but I wanted other families to be able to afford them. Everything is so expensive these days and I wanted to make sure every homeschooling family that wanted them would be able to buy them with ease.

I know these pages will be a blessing to you and your children. Everyone who buys a set (from my website only) will be entered into my December Giveaway drawing. Details about this drawing will be announced via this blog and my newsletter on December 1st.

You can view sample pages here.

Click here to purchase.

Remember, if you buy them from another website you will not be entered into my December giveaway because I will not have access to your email address.

If you buy this set and it is a blessing to you, please drop me a line and let me know.

Help spread the word. Please tell your friends and other homeschooling about this sale.