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Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Homeschool N

Homeschool Notebooking is my website. I started creating notebooking pages and unit studies a while back, so I decided to start a website to showcase my work. I have many free notebooking pages there, and new free pages are added each month. I a
m constantly having fun giveaways and contest. If you have never heard of notebooking before, I encourage you to stop by my website and read all about it. It is a wonderful way of documenting what your children learn.

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Homeschool Notebooking Blog

This blog is all about current happenings at my website Homeschool Notebooking.com stop by if you would like to learn about what I have in the works for 2009. It's also a way to stay updated on all our latest giveaways and more!

Michelle's Homemaking Journal

This blog is my homemaking journal. I enjoy sharing about everything going on in my home. I share recipes, homemade gift ideas, and other things that pertain to being the "keeper of the home." I feel so privileged to to be the keep of my home, and you should too. Please stop by and say hi.

Homeschooling With Two

This blog is where I share all the adventures of our homeschool. This year (2009) I plan on keeping a weekly account of all we are doing in our homeschool and sharing it with you.